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You can find me in a cosy tea room in England, my favourite country where I have been visiting for ten years, year after year. It has since become my kind of specialisation, hence the name. You might think Miss Marple the old lady who solves murders.... Well that is not my specialisation but the association with my fondness for the UK is the reason for this.  

But you can also spot me in a high mountain hut somewhere in Switzerland.

Not only does the English landscape make me happy, I also love to be found in the mountains. This variety is also reflected in my photography. 

A unique combination. Which I also try to capture in a unique way. That could be at a viewpoint flying with my drone or on an early morning during the golden hour with my camera. Or I write about it. 

 I like to write down what I experience during my travels next to the photos. I write travel stories for various blogs in the Netherlands. I passed the travel journalism master class at National Geopgraphic in Amsterdam last year.

Want to collaborate? Don't hesitate to contact me.

Do you have any questions about my work or are you potentially interested in collaborating?  Please leave a message, and I will get back to you as soon as possible or send me a direct messsage with email or social media.

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