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"Journey with Me Through the Lens


Step into my world of visual storytelling. I'm a travel writer and photographer based in the Netherlands, where my adventures range from cycling through serene polders to exploring distant horizons. By partnering with tourism boards and creating captivating travel features for prestigious magazines, I invite you to embark on a voyage through the world's most enchanting locales, one photograph and story at a time."

How nice that you are on this website! I hear you thinking what does themissmarple have to do with this person/photographer? I'll explain it to you quickly. I have been going to England for over a decade, year after year. I feel at home here, love the people, the humour, the landscape, culture and I could go on and on. And so I do just that, time after time I visit a different area and it continues to fascinate me. So why The Miss Marple? I love England and I love detectives. The Miss marple is originally an old English lady who solves murders in a British detective. I won't go that far, but I thought the name was fitting.So find me in an English tea room but also definitely in a high mountain hut! Or cycling through the polders in my homeland the Netherlands. I am at home in all markets. All this I capture in a unique way, with my drone (unfortunately, I can't fly myself yet.) or just by hand. My creativity knows no boundaries, every country and culture integrates me and I love to experience it through my lens.I make reports for the leading Dutch travel magazine Columbus and also write blogs for Dutch blog websites. But you can also spot me in a high mountain hut somewhere in Switzerland.Not only does the English landscape make me happy, I also love to be found in the mountains. This variety is also reflected in my photography. A unique combination. Which I also try to capture in a unique way. That could be at a viewpoint flying with my drone or on an early morning during the golden hour with my camera. Or I write about it.  I like to write down what I experience during my travels next to the photos. I write travel stories for various blogs in the Netherlands. I passed the travel journalism master class at National Geopgraphic in Amsterdam last year. Want to collaborate? Don't hesitate to contact me.


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